Learn how to Join a hangout as a guest.

In this very short video series, Yifat Cohen takes you through the entire process of joining a hangout On Air as a guest.

The first video will cover the tech aspects of a hangout: camera, mic and bandwidth.

The second video will walk you through understanding the Hangout’s layout:

  • How to mute yourself,
  • how to turn your camera on and off,
  • how to add to the conversation without interrupting and..
  • how to troubleshoot the hangout so that you’re able to enjoy the entire experience.


Camera, mic, Action!

Here are the tools I use to help me look and sound great on hangouts:

How not to look ugly on camera

In this video you’ll learn your way around a hangout as well as some Hangout Etiquette to ensure you’re adding to the conversation, not interrupting it.

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